November 2019


Android TV boxes are more and more popular with the French. Indeed, very practical, these small boxes will allow you to connect your Smart TV with different wireless devices at home, but also with the internet.

A Tv box will give you the ability to view different IPTV channels on the net easily, but also to access the contents of your Smartphone or Tablet on your screen.

With the many TV boxes circulating, it is possible that you do not know which model to choose. To help you. we tested the box TV Formulate z7+ and see what it is capable of.

Presentation of the Z7 + formulation

The TV-Box Formulate Z7 + is one of the most famous TV-Box on the market. A reputation earned through its performance. This TV-Box will allow you to access the different options offered by the Internet directly on your TV.

This compact 560-gram device comes in its original packaging with the set-top box, power cord, charger, remote control, infrared cable and TV-Box user manual. You can choose between a black TV box or a white TV with a touch of silver when you buy.


Formuler Z7+ allows you to first connect your Smart-TV to the Internet, but you can also connect it to any wireless device.

In addition, the TV box Formulate Z7 + also allows you to play different games for Android on your screen. You can even see in your Smart TV-box the multimedia files that you have saved on your tablet or smartphone.

You can even use your smartphone to control your TV box. It is also possible to play the multimedia files on your USB stick in your TV box.

The TV-Box Formuler Z7+ also has a feature called Market that allows you to download different apps that are not yet installed on the TV-box, such as Google Chrome or YouTube.

Its also equipped with the PVR function that allows you to record the contents of the transmission at any time.

The Formulate Z7 +, is this what is needed for IPTV?

The TV-Box Formuler Z7 + is fully compatible with the IPTV services of the network. In fact, it is already equipped with the Kodi application that will allow you to easily access all IPTV channels on the Web and see all your favorite programs without errors or disruptions.

Plus, images and videos are in HD or 4K quality, allowing you to enjoy your movie nights with crisp. You can even access Netflix whenever you want.

Where to buy this TV-Box at an affordable price?

For now, the only place on the Internet where you can buy Formulate Z7 + TV-Box is on Amazon.

technical characteristics

The TV-Box Formuler Z7 + has been very well configured to meet the needs of its users. It also has a powerful processor, a Hisilicon chipset, a 64-bit system and a powerful graphics card. It works with the Android version Nougat 7.1 which allows it to adapt to all Android applications, but also ensures its fluidity, whatever activity you do with the TV-Box.

  • The TV-Box Formuler Z7 + has a 2 GB RAM and an internal memory of 8 GB allowing you to install all the applications you need or download one or two movies.
  • RAM allows your TV-Box to work properly, quickly and without errors. However, if you need more space to store your data, you can still increase your memory with a memory card because the TV-Box has a micro SD port.
  • It is also equipped with two USB ports, one 3.0 and the other 2.0, with which you can connect your USB keys or your hard disks to have a maximum storage space.
  • For the Internet connection, you can choose between a wired network or a wireless network. The TV-Box is equipped with an RJ 45 port for a 10 / 100M base, Ethernet connection, but also an 802.11 b / g / n / integrated WiFi connection.
  • It is also possible to connect your TV-Box to different wireless devices, such as headphones or even your smartphone with the Bluetooth connection you have.
  • The remote control can be connected to your TV-Box thanks to an infrared connection available on the device.
  • Its HDMI1.4 port allows you to connect it to your TV to ensure video output.
Formuler Z7 + Android TV-Box 4K

Your opinion on the Formuler Z7 +

The TV Box Formulator Z7 + is one of the best TV Boxes on the market. It offers the best features for you to fully enjoy your smart TV.

In addition to being able to connect to the Internet on your TV via the TV-Box, you can play video games or watch different streaming programs.

Its configuration has also been very well developed to ensure the fluidity and performance of the TV-Box when users use it. And although it costs a little more than other TV-boxes, its price is in no way comparable to its performance and quality. You can always try the Bqeel Y2 TV or the Nvidia Shield TV-Box in the same range.

Ok, we are back with an excellent guide on how to install SSIPTV on your smart TV.

This app works for Samsung, LG, Phillips and Sony Smart TV and the advantage is that it is totally free. So it’s a great alternative to the paid IPTV Smart app if you’re using a Samsung that unfortunately does not have it yet. Smart IPTV in the App Store.

Installing SSIPTV on your Smart TV

Ok, let’s see what to do. The first thing to do is go to your Smart TV application store and search for SS IPTV. You should see the app icon. Just click on it to download and install the application.

Once you have installed the app, open it and you will get terms and conditions, so click accept unless you want to read it? Well yes we did not think either

Once you have accepted, you will see an image like this below, just click on jump in the upper right corner of the screen.


You will now be redirected to the main screen of SSIPTV, so you will now want to click on the cog icon in the small list of icons at the top right of the screen, like the third icon of.

Once you are in the settings, you can choose an interface language if English is not your native language, then go left and choose Content.

Adding the URL M3U to SS IPTV

Now, what you will need to do now is to make sure you have a subscription from us that will give you an M3U URL to use for that part. You can buy an IPTV subscription here from us or you can have an M3U URL from another provider that you can use.

So once you have an M3U URL, you will have to click on the button at the bottom that says Add.

You will then see a new message indicating that Playlist 1 is correct, simply go to Playlist 1 and click on it to display a keyboard on the screen. It is here that the 5 minutes of fun begin to enter the M3U lonnnnnng.

Quick Tip on IPTV:

Fortunately, we have a good easy way to enter it if you go to and enter the code in the box below where it says Enter a long URL to create a small: then click on the button Create TinyURL! the link will be shortened so that it is much faster and easier to capture on the TV using the smart TV pop-up keyboard

Here are 2 images below to show you what we mean


So once you have typed the shortened URL into the TV, you will get an image like the one below


Then, on the on-screen keyboard, you will see an entry key, just click on it to save the URL and remove the onscreen keyboard.

Then, at the top of the screen, save and click on it to save the settings.


Once you have backed up, you may want to change the playlist name Playlist_1 and rename it as desired. Strong IPTV, if you wish. But this step is not necessary, you can keep it if you want it named Playlist_1.

Just click on the small icon of the back button at the top of the screen to return to the SSIPTV home screen.

You will now see something called Open TV that you can completely ignore, but you will see the new IPTV profile you just added, so you’ll want to click on it.

You will now want to wait about 30 seconds to let the playlist load for the first time, after which you will see all categories.

Changing the settings of the SS IPTV application

Ok, there are a few things you may want to change for the app, such as when changing channels, you may be used to pressing the up and down keys to move up or down a channel . If this is the case, you will need To activate it, you can access the settings menu again by clicking on the gear icon again.

Now go to Misc and just below where it says Special navigation mode in the player, check the box to use the up / down keys to move to previous / next.

If you do not want to use the up and down buttons to change channels, you can leave it unchecked and simply use the channel up / down button on the remote control, it suits you perfectly.

Now, once checked, you can press back and set parental control, etc. if you need it. Once you’re done, tap again to view all

The Android TV box is today one of the most coveted devices thanks to its great practicality. It is a small box that allows you to use your TV as a smart TV, to access the Internet and enjoy all the online entertainment. The Beelink GT King is known as one of the most powerful box of the moment. That’s exactly what drove us to evaluate its performance.

Introducing the TV Box Beelink GT King

Last release of Beelink brand, the TV box Beelink GT King displays a design of the most neat, original and classic. Which is also famous. This is a case with a simplistic rectangular shape. Its black color and medium size make it very sober and also make this box fits very easily in the decor of a living room or a bedroom. In addition, the authenticity of the Beelink GT King box lies in the skull-shaped motif that adorns its facade.

Installation & Operating instructions

The Beelink GT King box has several inputs, which greatly facilitates its connectivity. You will find on the left side a USB 2.0 input and a USB 3.0 input that will allow you to connect the box with other devices such as a joystick or a mouse to facilitate the use of the box. Regarding the installation of the latter, it is very simple. In the package, you will find a user manual that will guide you carefully in the steps to follow. This manual will also be very useful to understand how the box works.

First Android TV Box under Amlogic S922X

What makes the Beelink GT King box special is the fact that it is one of the first Box TVs to run on Amlogic S922X. That’s exactly what makes it so easy. If, for decades, the Amlogic S905 and S912 have been considered as efficient and effective in terms of streaming video support, they are today preceded by the famous Amlogic S922X. Housed in the new Android Beelink GT King box, the latter is in turn showing great flexibility and accessibility when it comes to streaming video playback, regardless of the format.

Is the Beelink GT King suitable for IPTV?

For IPTV subscriptions, the Beelink GT King is very efficient. It allows you to enjoy your favorite TV channels from different devices. In addition, as previously mentioned, its Amlogic S922X allows it a smooth playback of all videos from IPTV channels. Moreover, as IPTV subscriptions offered on the web are mostly illegal, it is essential to inquire before subscribing to any provider.

Where to buy this box at the best price?

As Beelink GT King is one of the newest and most coveted Android boxes on the market, you can find it in stores. However, as this is the latest release of the Beelink brand, the price offered in stores may be too high. To get the Beelink GT King TV box at a good price, it is advisable to make the purchase on the Internet. This box is surely already available on the most famous sales sites, including Amazon, Gearbest and Aliexpress. To find the best price, do not hesitate to make the comparison on these sites.

Technical characteristics

On the technical side, the new Android box Beelink GT King turns out to be an interesting case. In addition to its S922X processor, it has various other advantages. At first glance, as previously mentioned, this box has an original design and has various features that makes it a powerful and efficient casing. Besides the fact that it supports all video formats, its various inputs allow it a great ease of connection. Here are the technical specifications in detail of the Beelink GT King;

  •     Model Name: Beelink GT King
  •     Language: Multilingual, including French and English
  •     Remote control: intelligent, with voice control
  •     Connections: Power port, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, HDMI input, RJ45 cable port, SPDIF, AV.
  •     RAM Memory: 4GB DDR4
  •     ROM memory: 64 GB
  •     Micro-SD card storage expansion: up to 64 GB
  •     Bluetooth version: 4.1
  •     Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  •     Graphics card: Mali G52 MP6
  •     Processor: Amlogic S922X Quad-Core Cortex-A73 and Dual Core Cortex A53
  •     WiFi: dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  •     Ethernet: 1,000 Mbps (Gigabit)
  •     Supported audio format: Surrond 5.1, AAC, APE, MP3, WMA, etc.
  •     Video Format: 4K HDR at 60 fps (H.265, H.264, H263, MPEG4, VP9, ​​etc.)
  •     Case weight: 190 g
  •     Case size: 10.80 x 10.80 x 1.60 cm
  •     Package capacity on delivery: Beelink GT King TV box (1), remote control (1), HDMI cable (1), power supply (1), box user manual (1).
  •     Other features: Google assistant, DLNA support, 3D, etc.
box Android Beelink GT King

Our opinion on the Beelink GT King

The new Beelink GT King box is a flagship product on the TV box market thanks to the power of its graphics card-supported processor. This box is especially attractive because it is very powerful in terms of streaming video playback, regardless of the format of it. Moreover, we must recognize that the Android box Beelink GT King has certain limitations.

According to our point of view, it still needs some fine-tuning since no certification from streaming services like Netflix or Molotov has yet been granted. Thus, for the moment, the Beelink GT King is more advisable for China, where the DRM systems are less present. Moreover, its price around 100 € is another obstacle for simple people to get this box TV.

Currently, you no longer have to invest in a Smart TV to enjoy as many channels as possible. Indeed, since a few years IPTV Boxes allow to enjoy the same advantages for a very reduced price.

The Android TV Box 9.0 Ninkbox, is one of the new benchmarks in the field and given its characteristics, it has attracted as many TV addicts as possible.

Presentation of the Ninkbox

HD TNT antennas and internet boxes have already shown their limits, not allowing their users to access their favorite programs. Fortunately there is currently Android Box Ninkbox 9.0, one of the most recent vectors of revolution of the TV experience.

IPTV Box is one of best sellers with many stores, because of its practicality and simplicity of use.

its optimal characteristics and especially its ability to open access to an almost unlimited channels. Which is quite amazing knowing that the brand from which it comes.

Installation & Operating instructions

The TV Box Android 9.0 Ninkbox is small in size and therefore does not take up much space. The HDMI cable supplied with the device is sufficient to connect to the television before connecting to a power outlet. Its still necessary to have an Internet connection by wifi or cable to be able to view the most channels.

The installation will be directly followed by the settings of the language and the connection to the network. These will also be done more simply thanks to the accessibility and the intuitiveness of the Box. Free to user after integrating applications that he deems useful for his experience after being connected to his Google account. These applications, like downloaded movies and music, will be stored on the hard disk of the device.

Ninkbox, is it suitable for IPTV?

TV Box Android 9.0 Ninkbox belongs to the category of IPTV Box and some of its users do not hesitate to qualify it in the Top 3 references to focus on the subject. As such, this device will give you the opportunity to have all the TV channels of the world. You will not miss the best programs not only European channels, but also Asian, American, even Oceanian and African, provided of course to have an Internet connection and a reading terminal and to subscribe to pay channels. And best of all, this device allows you to view the info on your tablet at a time when your children are in front of the TV for their favorite cartoon.

Where to buy this box at the best price?

TV Box has advantage of being in the middle, costing around 60$ with many giants of online sales like Amazon. It is still possible to buy a smaller budget in the online market of refurbished or used.

Kodi has a large community of users and developers, it is possible to consult the English Wiki.


Depending on the device on which you want to install it, you have several options to install Kodi. Anyway, you can always find the latest version on the official website.

Android users can go directly to the Google Play Store or download it via the latest APK file.


1 – When you download the application, the software is in English. To switch to French, go to System and click Settings.


2 – In the settings click Appearance.


3- See you in International. Language appears then, you just have to change to French.

As long as you are there, change the keyboard position settings to “AZERTY”!

You can read our article: Setting up the IPTV subscription on Kodi

Do not forget to ask for your m3u when ordering IPTV on our site.
Is available on several console games such as Nvidia shield and Xbox, the application is also available on Android boxs.

The IPTV service is in high demand in most countries as this is an opportunity to watch TV wherever you are.
For people who want to watch TV channels on their iPhones we offer the GES IPTV application.

The configuration of this application is very simple, first you must have a link m3u which is a playlist of channels, to have this link you will just order one of our IPTV subscriptions.

Then you will download the GSE IPTV application from the play store, and finally follow the instructions to make the configuration using our codes.