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IPTV REVIEWS  Is a website created in 2019, we discovered that a site that collects all the information on IPTV and everything that revolves around it would be interesting.In particular, due to the limited information available, the sometimes-confusing legislation and the number of not very clear offers, we have launched IPTV REVIEWS.

The goal of IPTV REVIEWS is to illustrate our readers about a topic as vague as IPTV and give our opinion on everything that revolves around this issue.

This blog is for informational purposes only, in no case we promote services or illegal products. In addition, we don’t sell any product or service.

To help us continue and finance our work we use advertising and affiliations. Our priority is your browsing experience, and we are cautious not to use aggressive advertising that may interfere with your experience.  Affiliation is a way to fund us without hindering your reading and adding more value to our readers. We will earn a commission for your buy when you click on a link to an internet sales site or services.  Which in no case will change your purchase price. With the affiliation, we can in some cases, offer advantageous offers to our readers.

It’s a win win situation and a nice way to assist us without altering anything for you, thanks to the assistance of our partners.

We hope that our blog will help you find the information you are looking for. Have good navigation through the IPTV REVIEWS!