How to install SSIPTV on your 2019 Smart TV

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Ok, we are back with an excellent guide on how to install SSIPTV on your smart TV.

This app works for Samsung, LG, Phillips and Sony Smart TV and the advantage is that it is totally free. So it’s a great alternative to the paid IPTV Smart app if you’re using a Samsung that unfortunately does not have it yet. Smart IPTV in the App Store.

Installing SSIPTV on your Smart TV

Ok, let’s see what to do. The first thing to do is go to your Smart TV application store and search for SS IPTV. You should see the app icon. Just click on it to download and install the application.

Once you have installed the app, open it and you will get terms and conditions, so click accept unless you want to read it? Well yes we did not think either

Once you have accepted, you will see an image like this below, just click on jump in the upper right corner of the screen.


You will now be redirected to the main screen of SSIPTV, so you will now want to click on the cog icon in the small list of icons at the top right of the screen, like the third icon of.

Once you are in the settings, you can choose an interface language if English is not your native language, then go left and choose Content.

Adding the URL M3U to SS IPTV

Now, what you will need to do now is to make sure you have a subscription from us that will give you an M3U URL to use for that part. You can buy an IPTV subscription here from us or you can have an M3U URL from another provider that you can use.

So once you have an M3U URL, you will have to click on the button at the bottom that says Add.

You will then see a new message indicating that Playlist 1 is correct, simply go to Playlist 1 and click on it to display a keyboard on the screen. It is here that the 5 minutes of fun begin to enter the M3U lonnnnnng.

Quick Tip on IPTV:

Fortunately, we have a good easy way to enter it if you go to http://tinyurl.com and enter the code in the box below where it says Enter a long URL to create a small: then click on the button Create TinyURL! the link will be shortened so that it is much faster and easier to capture on the TV using the smart TV pop-up keyboard

Here are 2 images below to show you what we mean


So once you have typed the shortened URL into the TV, you will get an image like the one below


Then, on the on-screen keyboard, you will see an entry key, just click on it to save the URL and remove the onscreen keyboard.

Then, at the top of the screen, save and click on it to save the settings.


Once you have backed up, you may want to change the playlist name Playlist_1 and rename it as desired. Strong IPTV, if you wish. But this step is not necessary, you can keep it if you want it named Playlist_1.

Just click on the small icon of the back button at the top of the screen to return to the SSIPTV home screen.

You will now see something called Open TV that you can completely ignore, but you will see the new IPTV profile you just added, so you’ll want to click on it.

You will now want to wait about 30 seconds to let the playlist load for the first time, after which you will see all categories.

Changing the settings of the SS IPTV application

Ok, there are a few things you may want to change for the app, such as when changing channels, you may be used to pressing the up and down keys to move up or down a channel . If this is the case, you will need To activate it, you can access the settings menu again by clicking on the gear icon again.

Now go to Misc and just below where it says Special navigation mode in the player, check the box to use the up / down keys to move to previous / next.

If you do not want to use the up and down buttons to change channels, you can leave it unchecked and simply use the channel up / down button on the remote control, it suits you perfectly.

Now, once checked, you can press back and set parental control, etc. if you need it. Once you’re done, tap again to view all

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