IPTV subscription? What is IPTV?

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Before going into the subject in depth, let’s first define IPTV and IPTV subscription how it works.

What is IPTV?

IPTV, Internet Protocol Television, is a system through which television services are distributed over a packet-switched network using the Internet protocol suite, such as a local area network or the Internet, instead of the Internet Protocol. be transmitted via conventional terrestrial, satellite and cable television formats.

What does IPTV provide in terms of features?

 Live television, with or without interactivity linked to the current television show.

 Video on demand (VOD): Browse a catalog of videos not related to TV programming.

Difference between IPTV and satellite TV?

Cable TV and satellite TV send hundreds of channels to a decoder. IPTV only sends the requested broadcasts, which saves bandwidth for the Internet.

The main difference I like most is that in IPTV, you can pause live programs that you can not use in cable or satellite TV.

You will be able to select playback times for your content by creating your own personal broadcast channel. This allows you to organize your content so that you can sequence different videos in the order you prefer.

You can also play this content nonstop if you wish. You will never be able to do that with cable or satellite.

Some features on IPTV

• Time difference: we can watch programs for the last 7 days and save them automatically.

• Live TV Controller: Rewind, pause and play even when watching a live TV show.

• Video on Demand (VOD): We can rewind, fast forward, pause and play the latest blockbuster movies to suit our needs. It’s like watching a movie on a DVD player.

IPTV presents some obstacles, such as the loss of signal due to heavy rain and storms, the regulation of some countries.


IPTV is fundamentally the evolution of traditional broadcasting modes such as cable or satellite television. IPTV is the future of television.

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